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Got mobile apps? Get NowSecure! Crafted from decade of mobile pen testing and genius of Frida & Radare. NowSecure Workstation - Power Tools for Pen Testers to slash 2 weeks to 1 day. NowSecure Platform - Automated Security Testing for DevSecOps to test every build, every day. Take our survey for a chance to win a YETI cooler & cool swag!
Announcing NowSecure Workstation 7 the ultimate mobile pen tester toolkit. Delivers faster performance, better experience and NowSecure Platform integration. Ask for a Demo today! Don’t miss our session 8/4 “Cracking Fun with Frida & Radare: Mobile App IOT Edition!” Also checkout NowSecure Platform for continuous security testing in DevSecOps and NowSecure Training to learn mobile appsec skills. Don’t forget to register to win a Getaway!

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